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22nd September, Monday (5:52pm) Reblog ↬

Lil’ Kim photographed by David LaChapelle, 2000
Kiss me, and you will see how important I am.

Sylvia Plath (via kushandwizdom)

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When the time comes for you to make a change, to grow, to do your life in a different way, the universe will make you so uncomfortable, so unhappy, you will eventually have no choice. If you insist on staying in a place you no longer belong in, if you do not grow the courage to do what is necessary to propel yourself forward, you will suffer the consequences, whatever they may be.
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this pleases me.
start ignoring people who threaten your joy.
literally, ignore them.
say nothing.
don’t invite any parts of them into your space.

— Alex Elle (via coyotegold)

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